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Meet Selfie Booth™

Introducing Selfie Booth™, the ultimate social media photo booth for your next corporate event, party, or trade show!

Professional DSLR Camera and Lighting

No blurry or grainy webcam photos here! Selfie Booth™ utilizes a professional DSLR camera and studio strobe lighting to produce the highest quality photo booth images available.

Sharing Is Caring

Selfie Booth™ shares like a champ! Guests interact with a stunning 27″ vertical touch screen display to text message, email, and share their photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Double Sided = Double the Fun

Shoot on one side, Share on the other! With Selfie Booth™, you’ll always have two groups using the kiosk at one time, cutting down on lines and wait time. Add additional touchscreen sharing stations to accommodate huge crowds!

Selfie Booth™

Lightning Fast Prints

Selfie Booth™ has two lightning fast dye-sub printers built in. With prints that fast, you’re going to need more guests!

Branding Baby

Selfie Booth™ loves a new pair of shoes! Every square inch of the kiosk can be branded with custom backlit graphics that POP!

Awesome Extras

Take your Selfie Booth™ to the next level with a custom Step and Repeat or Full Color Backdrop, Branded and Wacky Props, Extra Sharing Stations, and a Red Carpet with Stanchions. Send your guests home in style with framed prints and even their own custom photo album. Bring it all together with a custom hardcover keepsake book, the perfect addition to your post event report!

Selfie Socialite™


What’s Under The Hood?

With this much functionality packed into a single kiosk, we can't help but gush a little.


Selfie Booth™ allows guests to post photos from the booth directly to their Facebook timeline with a custom caption and overlay that you specify. You can also auto post photos to a company page and require guests to “like” your Facebook page before posting to their own.


Selfie Booth™ allows guests to post directly to their Twitter feed with custom captions, #hashtags, and overlays that you specify.


Selfie Booth™ allows guests to share directly from the kiosk to their Pinterest board including a custom caption and overlay that you specify.

SMS Text Message

Selfie Booth™ lets guests SMS text directly from the kiosk to their cell phones with a custom message and overlay that you specify. Promote a custom #hashtag and encourage your guests to post their branded images to Instagram right from their cell phones.


Selfie Booth™ lets your guests email photos directly from the kiosk with a custom subject, message, links, and an overlay that you specify. For advanced projects you can even add custom html styling for a completely branded email experience.


Selfie Booth™ has 2 lightning fast DNP Dye-sub printers built into the kiosk that work in tandem. Guests will wonder how you produced their prints so fast! The Selfie Booth™ software has extensive customization options for print layouts, overlays, and paper size.


Selfie Booth™ is a direct marketer’s dream, collecting all of the SMS and email data input during your event. Export excel reports directly from the software for easy integration into your database. You can also create a custom form to be used by your guests if you require additional information.


Selfie Booth™ can be completely customized inside and out to represent your brand. The kiosk is LED backlit for a huge presence even in a dark event space. Selfie Booth™’s software interface is fully customizable and includes the ability to add custom overlays to prints and social media posts.


Selfie Booth™ has a huge presence but a small footprint and sets up in less than 10 minutes. The entire kiosk packs up into two ATA road cases and can be transported in a standard cargo van. Once setup the kiosk can easily be moved thanks to the included heavy duty casters making Selfie Booth™ the perfect option for tours and events that require the booth moved.

Corporate • Trade Shows • Weddings • Mitzvahs • Parties

Custom Branded Selfie Booths

Selfie Booth's branding possibilities are endless, contact us to see what your booth will look like!

Happy Clients

  • We received the Selfie Booth™ keepsake book from our last event and it is gorgeous!

  • The Selfie Booth™ has taken our outdoor events to the next level, offering a sponsorship opportunity to our clients that represents their brand beautifully. With crowds of 10k+ the Selfie Booth™ has kept up every step of the way!

    Newsday Media Group
  • We’re glad to hear the Selfie Booth™ will be returning to Grand Central Terminal!

    Grand Central Terminal

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